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Xmasjong - Top Mahjong Games

Welcome to Xmasjong, a delightful game filled with holiday cheer and pleasant challenges. Your mission is to match identical tiles such that they are removed from the board. With each pair you clear, you diminish the pile beneath, unveiling a special gift. This gift is then placed under the beautifully adorned Christmas tree, adding to its festive charm.

How to play
The controls of Xmasjong are simple - all you need is your mouse. Click on identical tiles to match them together and remove them from the game field. The aim is to uncover all the tiles below and reveal neat little presents. These gifts are automatically placed on or under the Christmas tree.

Tips and Tricks
In Xmasjong, strategy is essential. Look for possible combinations before making matches and always aim to eliminate those hindering your next move. Remember, you can only select tiles with at least one free side. Ensure your decisions don't lead to an end-game scenario where no moves are possible.