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Casual Soccer at its best with easy to play pull back and strike controls. Get your strikers formation and aim for the goal post. Soccer Strike is the perfect blend of casual and competitive gameplay appealing to every soccer fan out there. This is our instant game take on the most popular sport in the world.
How to Play
The controls are easy to master: simply use pull back-and-strike controls to maneuver your players around the field. Strategically positioning your strikers can give you an upper hand in the match. The aim is to score as many goals as possible before the time runs out. Progression in the game relies on how well you strategize and play.

Tips and Tricks
Mastering the pull back-and-strike control system can enhance your chances of winning. Use it strategically to navigate the ball past opposing players and towards the goal post. It’s also crucial to manage your strikers' formation for successful defense and offense.

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