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Shoot and Goal - REMASTERED - Top Soccer Games

How to Play
Controls for "Shoot and Goal-REMASTERED" are simple yet require strategy. On a PC, use your mouse to control the players, whereas touch screens drive gameplay on laptops or mobiles. Players selected for movement will blink. Drag them to aim your shot; remember, force correlates with distance from the character when aiming.

Mouse in PC or touch screen in laptops/mobiles.
You must take your players (blinking when you can move them) and drag to throw them.
The further away you aim from the character, the more force you will throw it.

Tips and Tricks
To excel in this game, perfecting your aim is crucial. Remember, the further you drag away from your character, the more forceful the throw. Use this knowledge strategically - powerful shots can be advantageous or disadvantageous, based on the game scenario.

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