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Royal Story

Royal Story is a fantastic massively multiplayer online farming game set in the Middle Ages. It is made by Plinga and runs completely in the browser. In the game, you have to reclaim your kingdom from the evil witch and build it into a fabulous empire that it once was. Experience what it is like to become a princess and rule over a marvellous and mighty realm! Explore the provinces and meet allies on your epic journey! But be careful, since the evil witch and her vicious servants are keeping an eye on you and will do everything that is in their power to stop you from taking back what belongs to you. Make sure to take good care of your loyal villagers by breeding animals, farming and harvesting crops, and protecting them from the evil minions! Get some help from your neighboring royalty and build up alliances with them to build your kingdom! Craft tools for production, build workshops, embellish and decorate your castle, and become the one true majesty of the kingdom!
Game of Emperors