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Pretty Tiles - Top Mahjong Games

Immerse yourself into the world of Pretty Tiles, a captivating HTML5 matching puzzle game. Your mission is to quickly identify and tap on three tiles bearing the same symbols. Successfully matching labeled tiles within a given time limit yields valuable rewards. The game includes three lifelines: Undo Move, Shuffle Tiles, and Match Group enhancing the gaming experience.

How to play
To play, you simply tap on three identical tiles to demolish them. Successfully doing so within a prescribed time awards you with useful rewards. Use your lifelines judiciously for maximum effect: Undo Move lets you revert an action, Shuffle Tiles rearranges tile layout, while Match Group automatically matches a group of similar tiles.

Tips and Tricks
Browse all tiles before making moves to make sure you don't miss potential matches. Using Shuffle Tiles might be beneficial when similar tiles are distributed far apart. Remember, saving your lifelines for challenging stages can be a game-changer!