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If you want to make anything have a wider appeal, just make it about animals which is what was done to draw attention to the small game Petzoong. You may or may not be overseeing a zoo that is filled with animals on colorful tiles. All the animals, no matter how they're like in reality, have taken on a stylized and more adorable form. However, they've gotten mixed up and need to be paired off so that they can be comfortable in their new environment. You've got to work quickly to get them all sorted and make all the animals happy.

About Petzoong
Mahjong is a pretty old game that you've likely heard about in some context and many developers have worked to transform it. This game is another transformation of this classic title but with a much more lenient layout and mechanics to master. Even if you've never played Mahjong before, playing this will give you a crash course in the general concept. You may find it a challenge or you may find it too easy depending on how you approach such puzzles. Either way, it's a cute little take on a game that can be quite challenging so give it a try to start your learning.

How to Play
Petzoong is a 2D top-down puzzle game based on Mahjong that you can play with just the mouse. To select a title, move the cursor over to it and click the Left Mouse Button. You can also do this to interact with the UI on the left side of the screen. The goal of each level or puzzle is to match all the tiles together until none remain. Your score will be determined by how fast you clear the tiles as indicated by the star timer on the right of the screen.

Each level arranges a number of tiles in layers. Each tile has an animal on it and you simply need to pair them with a matching tile. Upon making a match, the tiles will come together before leaving the area. The challenge is that tiles can't be blocked when making matches. Each tile needs to be open on either its left or right side. If they're only open on the top or bottom, they can't be matched.

If you're stuck, you can use the two powerups on the left side of the screen to help. The top one provides hints as to any currently available matches. The bottom causes the tiles to be reshuffled so that you can gain a new perspective.

Tips and Tricks
At the end of the day, this is a matching game where all the images are clearly visible. Work by layer and then expand your search to other layers if you don't see any clear matches. Always go for matches that will open up more tiles.