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People Onet - Top Mahjong Games

In People Onet, you embark on a thrilling journey of puzzle-solving. The game is about connecting pairs of matching tiles and clearing them off the board. To do this, you have to find similar tiles within 3 lines and connect them. The challenge escalates as you aim to complete the puzzle in distant connections and minimal time to earn a 3-star ranking and unlock exciting new cities.

How to play
Your mission is to eliminate all tiles from the board by pairing them strategically. Tap on two identical tiles that can be connected by no more than three lines or less, then they will disappear from the board. Remember, your goal is not only to clear the board but also to achieve a three-star rating. To do so, reduce your solving time and connect more distant tiles.

Tips and Tricks
A winning strategy for People Onet involves careful planning and quick decision-making. Focus on connecting distant tiles right from the start as it contributes to your star rating. Also, prioritize tile sets that have multiple matches on the board, thereby freeing up more space for further moves. Remember, spending less time can also boost your star rating.