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Penalty Shooters - Top Soccer Games

Penalty Shooters is a sports dueling game that is played with the mouse. Depending on which position you're playing, the function of the mouse changes. When the game starts, you get a chance to choose your team and then your player. The goal then becomes to beat other teams in continuous rounds of penalty kicks to win points toward collecting the cup.

When you're playing as the kicker, a yellow-red target reticle will move back and forth across the bottom part of the goal. You can stop it by clicking and the kicker will kick toward where it stopped. You can change the height of the shot by holding down the left mouse button and then letting go to take the shot. Whether the shot makes it or misses, you'll swap to the goalie after.

As the goalie, you need to wait for the kicker to make the first move. When they decide to shoot, the yellow-red target will appear somewhere in the goal. All you have to do is click on it to get the goalie to dive toward it. If they're successful, the shot will be blocked. After that or a missed block, you'll swap back to the kicker again.

Whichever side gets the most points out of five shots will be declared the winner.

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