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Penalty Shooters 3 - Top Soccer Games

How to Play
Penalty Shooters 3 is a 3D sports game about scoring and blocking penalty shots in Football using just the mouse. Most of the elements operate automatically and you just need to click at the right time. When you want to aim your shot, click and hold the Left Mouse Button, and a reticle will appear along the bottom of the goal and start moving back and forth and up the goal. To shoot, just release the button. You can determine the shot's power based on the size of the flame on the ball and choose to click when it's the size that you want. As the goalie, you simply need to wait for the reticle to appear in your space and then click the Left Mouse Button to dive toward it. The goal is to score as many points against your opponent while preventing them from scoring against you.

A big difference is that this time, your kicker and goalie have access to power-ups that be used against your opponent. You'll take a selection of three into every encounter, each having a limited amount of uses. You can activate the power-up before each shot is taken. To get more power-ups, you can buy them with Gems on the Main Menu. Gems are earned by getting achievements through playing the game

Your first objective is to complete the Tier Challenge which presents six penalty encounters, each progressively more difficult than the last. If you do this, you can take on the World Cup to beat other teams and be the best. For the former, you need to spend Coins on the entrance fee which you can earn by beating the challenges.

Tips and Tricks
Power-ups can be quite pricey which means that you should hold onto them for as long as you can. The best you can do is to keep your shots varied as the goalie will adapt to your style. As the goalie, watch the movement of the kicker closely so that you don't dive too late.

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