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How to Play
Penalty Rivals is a 2.5D football game about shooting and blocking penalty shots using swiping mechanics with the mouse. By clicking the Left Mouse Button and dragging it across the screen quickly, you can simulate a swipe. This is done to aim the trajectory of your shots as well as how your goalie will dive. The goal of each game is to score as many points against the opposing goalie while preventing the opposing kicker from scoring goals.

When the game begins, you can choose which team you want to play. After that, the game will plunge you into a penalty-kick showdown against another team. You'll start as the kicker and you'll have thirty seconds to make as many goals as you can. By swiping in various directions, you can cause the ball to fly in multiple trajectories. There will also be numbered icons that will appear sporadically in the goal and if you hit them with the ball, you'll earn additional points.

After thirty seconds, you'll take control of the goalie. The kicker will take shots and you'll need to swipe to get the goalie to dive. As long as one part of their body makes contact with the ball, it will count as blocked. This opposing kicker will also have thirty seconds on the timer and after it ends, the side with the most points wins. Whether you win, lose, or tie, you'll be matched up with another random opponent.

Tips and Tricks
The swiping mechanics can take some time to get used to since if you swipe too long or too sharply then the ball can veer off away from the goal. You'll want to keep swipes short and direct while switching it up to avoid multiple blocks. When defending, note that the ball travels slowly enough that you'll have plenty of time to react.

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