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Paw Mahjong - Top Mahjong Games

Embark on a fun-filled puzzle adventure with Paw Mahjong. In this engaging game, the objective is to pair up identical animals in order to clear the levels. An exciting twist to the classic game of Mahjong, it involves matching animals instead of traditional symbols. You not only earn points but also eliminate nearby crates when you successfully match two same animal tiles. The game features unique levels with special tiles that facilitate different movement options.

How to Play
To play Paw Mahjong, all you need is a keen eye and a strategic mind. Simply click on a tile adorned with an animal icon and move it towards another matching tile. If they touch, you earn points and remove any adjacent crates. Remember, some special tiles let you move your animal in straight lines or circles, enhancing your chances of creating matches.

Tips and Tricks
While playing Paw Mahjong, keep an eye out for special tiles that allow unique movements - these can be game-changers. Also, planning ahead is key; try to visualize your moves before making them for maximum points and efficient crate destruction.