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Pac Xon - Top Pacman Games

How to Play


Use your arrow keys to move Pac Xon around the level. He will automatically build a wall as he moves. Stay alert for power-ups appearing so you can grab a quick advantage!

Build a wall

The objective of Pac Xon is to build a wall until it fills 80% of the space. You have to achieve this goal while avoiding attacks from the ghosts. If they float into an unfinished wall, you’ll lose a life.

As the levels progress, there are more ghosts of varying sizes thrown into the challenge. In total, there are 50 levels in Pac Xon.

Collect power-ups

Four power-up types in Pac Xon appear at random. These power-ups are:

  • Glowing orb - You can eat ghosts for a while, so they run away
  • Cherries - You move faster
  • Peach - Ghosts move slower
  • Strawberry - Ghosts stop moving for a while
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