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Olympian Mahjong - Top Mahjong Games

Olympian Mahjong takes the classic tile-matching game and gives it a winter sports theme. Set with the backdrop of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022, you're tasked with matching mahjong tiles, each depicting different winter sports. Remove matching pairs from the board until it's completely empty to progress.

How to play
Use your mouse or touchscreen to select and match identical tiles with an Olympic sport theme. Note, only tiles that are free on at least two sides can be selected. Clear all tiles to move onto the next level. Matches must be made quickly as there's a ticking timer.

Tips and Tricks
To excel at Olympian Mahjong, focus on removing pairs that free up the most tiles. Prioritize matches near the center of the pile over those on edges. And remember, quick decision making is key as time is limited.