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Mahjong Sweet Easter - Top Mahjong Games

Mahjong Sweet Easter is a delightful game designed to bring the joy of Easter to your screen. The game comes alive with vibrant, beautifully designed Easter eggs and candies as tile pieces. Match tiles in pairs to clear them from the board. The challenge intensifies as you battle against time and experience the unique twist of "gravity" that adds an exciting element to the gameplay.

How to Play
The game is easy to control with just a click or tap. Select two identical tiles that are free on at least one side to match and clear them from the board. Keep an eye on the clock, as your goal is to clear as many tiles as possible before time runs out. Experience "gravity" when all lower layer tiles are removed causing upper layer tiles to fall down.

Tips and Tricks
Strategize your moves carefully by considering how "gravity" will affect the board layout in later stages of the game. Prioritize matching tiles that will yield more pairs when they fall due to gravity. Always keep an eye on the timer and try to execute quick matches.