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Mahjong Butterflies Deluxe - Top Mahjong Games

Experience a delightful twist on a classic game in Mahjong Butterflies Deluxe. Featuring stunning butterfly themes and over 160 unique tiles, this game is a visual treat for Mahjong lovers. With a vibrant and colorful interface, players get to collect butterflies and earn stars while solving intricate puzzles. Explore new levels as you unlock out of the ordinary Mahjong tiles and improve your concentration and visual perception.

How to play
The rules are simple - match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board. Collect butterflies to earn stars, which in turn unlock new tiles for enhanced gameplay. Helpful hints get you through challenging moments, ensuring you never get stuck. The game offers smooth controls suitable for players of all ages.

Tips and Tricks
To excel in Mahjong Butterflies Deluxe, concentration is key. Keep your eyes peeled for identical tile pairs, including the hidden ones. Strategically plan your moves to avoid blockages. Utilize the hint button when necessary but remember relying heavily on it can reduce your overall score.