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Mahjong Big - Top Mahjong Games

Are you okey to play "Mahjong Big", the best and coolest Mahjong solitaire game ever ? With over 4 000 levels and fun graphics, this mahjong solitaire game, is simply one of the best 2021 games. Start your mahjong tour with "Mahjong Big" and become the king of mahjong in the most famous board game ever.
How to Play
To play "Mahjong Big", use your mouse to select matching pairs of tiles that are free from both sides. As you proceed, the level becomes more challenging requiring strategic planning and quick decision making. Your progress in this game is measured by the number of levels you complete successfully.

Tips and Tricks
In "Mahjong Big", focus on removing layered tiles first to unlock more potential matches. Be sure to check for multiple matches before making your move, as not all matches will lead to progress. Try to plan ahead and make selections that will open up the most opportunities for subsequent moves.