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Mahjong Around The World Africa - Top Mahjong Games

Embark on an invigorating journey across the African tropics in Mahjong Around The World Africa. A thrilling twist on a classic board game, your mission is to match mahjong pairs, thereby liberating ten majestic African animals. But be careful - each level is timed, testing not only your mental agility but also your speed.

How to play
In Mahjong Around The World Africa, progress by finding and clicking on pairs of identical mahjong tiles. Every paired tile set you find helps you free one of the ten African animals trapped in the game field. Be quick, as each level has a time limit. When stuck, you can utilize prompts or swap tiles.

Tips and Tricks
Always keep an eye on the timer! If you feel pressure building, rely on prompts for guidance or swap tiles to discover new possible combinations. Keep practicing and gradually increase your speed while maintaining accuracy.