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If you get the opportunity to travel to different countries, you'll discover that each one has games that are unique to game like pachinko which serves as the basis for Foot Chinko World Cup. You could make a case that football is the most popular or most well-known sport in the world which is why it's been turned into video games in multiple ways. This time it's been transformed into a variant of pinball where the ball will fall from the top and make its way to the bottom. The ball will act on its own but sometimes you've got to stop in and give it an extra kick.

About Foot Chinko World Cup Review
Pachinko is an arcade game that has luck as a pretty large factor since there's only so much that you can do to control how the ball's fall. Since this game is combining it with football, you'll get familiar options to kick and bounce the ball around the panel as you try to make it fall to the bottom (the opposite of what you would want to happen in pinball). It's a fun distraction with all the bells, whistle, and randomness that comes with having the ball bounce wildly into all of the different objects and your own players.

How to Play
Foot Chinko World Cup is a 2D game that combines pachinko and football to be played using the mouse. You can use the cursor to navigate the UI and the Left Mouse Button to interact with the various elements. By clicking, you can make your player kick when they have the ball as they will swing their trajectory back and forth automatically. Your goal is to become the best in the league by beating the other teams.

When you start playing, you'll get the option to choose your team. Then, you'll be taken to the league rankings and have to climb up by beating the teams one at a time. The way to win is that you need to score a certain number of goals with the balls that you have. To do this, you need to get the ball into the goal at the bottom. After the initial kick, the ball will bounce around between your players (who each get an aimed shot), opposing players, moving and breakable panels, various nodes, and the goal keeper himself. As long as the ball doesn't go past the goal, you'll still have a chance to score. If you run out of balls before scoring enough points, you'll need to try again.

Before matches, you'll have the chance to by power-ups which can give you a boost. By using collected cash, you can use them to have effects like removing opposing players or giving you extra balls.

Tips and Tricks
Since this is based on pachinko, a lot of how the ball will fall is based on luck. The best you can do is try to bounce the ball in a way so that it will clear out obstacles or make its way to another one of your players so that you can another aimed shot.

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