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Flip Goal is a 3D football game based on foosball that you can play with the mouse or the keyboard. Your three actions are to aim, kick, and move. You can aim and kick by clicking the Left Mouse Button and moving the cursor. After the initial kick, you can slide your goalie left and right by clicking and dragging. With the keyboard, you can aim/move with the Left/Right Arrow Keys and kick with the Spacebar. The goal is to score enough goals against your opponents.

When the match starts, your players will be with their back toward you and your goalie will start with the ball. Before you kick, you can aim and see the trajectory to try and bounce the ball into the opposing goal. During this and while the ball is live, your players and the opposing players will slide left and right at different intervals. When the ball comes into contact with any of them, they will automatically kick the ball toward the opposing goal. When a goal is scored, your goalie will receive the ball to kick again. If the opponents score too many goals, you'll need to play the match again.

On the main menu, you can choose your team and upgrade your stadium using the gold you get from scoring points. Your stadium determines how much money you'll make in passing and you'll unlock new gear as you win more matches.

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