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Black Friday Mahjong - Top Mahjong Games

Discover a unique blend of shopping and classic gameplay in Black Friday Mahjong. In this innovative rendition, your object is to match similar tiles depicting items you wish to purchase. The game adds a fun twist by allowing matching tiles of different sizes and shapes, as long as the image is identical. This game not only tests your skill but also your strategic thinking abilities.

How to play
Control the game using just your mouse. Navigate through the board and select pairs of identical images. Unlike traditional mahjong, in this version, you can match tiles of varying shapes and sizes. Your progress depends on how quickly you can identify matching pairs and clear the board.

Tips and Tricks
To excel at Black Friday Mahjong, hone your pattern recognition skills. Pay attention to both size and design when looking for matches. Learning to spot potential matches quickly will boost your score. Plan ahead to avoid getting stuck with no moves left.

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